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Strategic Profits Website

Over the years Rich Schefren has garnered the title, “Coach to the Internet Gurus.” A graduate from the prestigious Case Western Reserve University, Rich has made a major name for himself in helping traditional brick and mortar business establish their online presence.

Strategic Profits is an amazing online portal into some of the most valuable free resources anyone in the on-line marketplace could hope to gather at any price. Anyone in any business for that matter.

Founded in 2005, Strategic Profits has been featured in: the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Discovery Channel, Newsweek, Entertainment Tonight and many other well respected traditional media sources. Why?

The answer to that question resides in Rich’s business model and ethic. Rich’s business model is what we call a “Value Added Business Model”. This means his business is built on the idea of providing lots of value to his clients and guests at reasonable prices. He decided many years ago to build this business based on over-serving his clients and providing extraordinary value for free. He then lets his reputation do the rest for him. In just 4 short years he has become one of the most highly sought after and well respected consultants, public speakers, and business educators of our time.

Rich truly preaches what he practices, by teaching business owners and professionals how to provide more value to their clients without raising their costs. There are lots of copycats out their who have followed Rich’s lead and offer free books to join their mailing lists. What makes Rich stand-out from the pack is that his free books are actually that, they’re free, and they’re actually books. He spends so much time and energy on these books, it’s amazing he still has the time to run his massive business over at Strategic Profits (maybe it’s because he’s a well respected efficiency expert that he can pull it off).

Free Downloads from Strategic Profits

Rich spares no expense in producing these free samples and the quality of the work expresses his earnest belief in providing outstanding value to his users. At Strategic Profits you will have hit the mother lode of free downloadable gifts dedicated to professional development with a bent towards the on-line environment.

You can visit Rich’s site at:

Links to the free downloads and books are located at the bottom of each page.

Editors note: I was able to get a hold of a lecture Rich gave and posted it here – Rich Schefren Business Building Seminar