Red Remover

You know, my little blog over here at Monalle has sort of grown into something bigger than I ever imagined. The days of simple maze games have given rise to a never ending stream of new and delightful game play experiences. Happily, a new generation of young game designers has rushed in with all sorts of new and amazing ways to view games.

This is Gaz’s first game to make it into our beloved little Monalle home of Pure Positivity, and it has all the elements of just the sort of thing we love the most! The game is pretty simple to play, just remove the red blocks without removing the green blocks. Why?

Well, the red blocks are sorrowful, grief stricken, sad, depressed, burdened with the pain of life, so they gotta go! The green blocks? They are happy, jouful, pleased with their situation and circumstance so they gotta stay!

But just like real life, it can be a little more difficult to get rid of the painful and sorrowful experiences then just clicking on them and making them go away… Especially when gravity goes all wonky on us!

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