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Rammstein Feuer Frei in legos


Special Note to J.J.: Thank you for encouraging, supporting and helping me to bring Monalle to life (and then back to life). With all the charlatans preaching and teaching the wrong way, you remind me everyday what the web is, what we’re doing here, how it’s supposed to be done, and what integrity looks like… I wanted to thank you for your unseen hand on the Monalle team. When it was tricky and our database got hacked, you reminded me to stick to it, to not let the suckers win… And thus, we’re still at it! So today I dedicate this special video to you… Thanks for all your help and encouragement!

I now return you to you’re regularly scheduled article…

Behind the wheel of Monalle I get to see some pretty cool and unusual stuff… One thing I love is apexes, you know, when something is so far out there it represents the apex of an idea, the epitome of something, anything. It doesn’t really matter what, I just am always on the look-out for things which take a concept to it’s logical extreme…

The other thing I am always on the watch for is juxtaposition… When two opposing or contrasting concepts come together to create a whole which is greater than the some of its parts, that delights me to no end and of course I pass it on to you. That’s what you come here for right? Stuff that challenges you, delights you, uplifts, inspires and motivates you, that’s what Monalle’s all about ya’ know?

Well, today I have something extra special for you, perhaps, just perhaps it may be a contender for the “Epitome of Juxtaposition” title… Seriously, Rammstein is one of the harshest, roughest, most extreme Heavy Metal bands in existence, here portrayed live in concert, via legos… Yes, Rammstein live in concert as portrayed by those little fingerless lego people in all their glory… What more can be said?

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