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The Dream Building Toolkit

Are you ready to build your life into a living dream come true? Are you ready to experience yourself at your best? The Quick Start Seven is going to give you seven tools, tools used for turning dreams into reality. Tools used to build your life into everything you ever hoped it could be. You probably have some questions you want answered first, like: “Who are you?” & “Where did these tools come from?” & “What accomplishments prove they work?” & “Who else uses them?”…

Personally, I don’t need to know who made a hammer to know if it’s a good one or not. I’d rather just let the tools speak for themselves. So if you’ll permit me, let’s skip the traditional, “I am…” “I did…” “so and so says I’m great…” and just get straight into the tools shall we? All those questions will be answered along the way…

Discovering your Journey:

Within you is a dream of what your life could be. The Seven Tools in this series will all be used to build that dream into the world around you. This will be a massive journey, an adventure which is yours alone experience. That adventure will have many destinations along the way.

With these tools, you can build whatever you dream of, but always remember that it is the journey itself where we experience life. Never mistake the destinations as final. Of course, your life will be different once you accomplish a few of your major goals, perhaps it is a house, or a degree, or a million dollars… But never mistake the destination as the goal, the goal is to be loving and enjoying your life completely, knowing that your life really is a dream come true, and you certainly don’t need a degree, or a million dollars to feel that.

Your situation will change, your home, your health, your riches, but you will never escape the most basic aspect of the journey. No matter how far you go, how fast you go, or how much you achieve – you’re journey will always be the single most important element of your dream come true. Don’t miss the glory of today’s dream, for the sake of chasing tomorrow’s.

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