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The Great Divide:


This split between faith and proof infiltrated every aspect of modern culture, even the world of personal development. One faction has become the ‘Spiritualists’ and the other has become the ‘Technologists’. The Spiritualists offer the tools and keys to enlightenment and happiness – in exchange for faith (and your money). While the Technologists offer the keys to self control and riches in exchange for your practice (and your money). The Spiritualists claim that with faith you can have anything you ever desired, while the Technologists continually create ‘a new technology of the mind’ which will give you anything you ever desired.

Both schools of thought have many incredible things to offer. But the highest truth actually rests somewhere in between, in a place called ‘A Unified Perspective’. To be simple and clear: The Quick Start 7 is seven tools used to build your dream come true, the first tool is “A Unified Perspective”, and all this tool really is and does is this: It allows you to see that turning dreams into reality is undeniably possible – It is possible from a perspective of Faith, and provable from a perspective of Science! That, that is what this tool says and does. Using it frees you from any semblance of needing to pick one or the other, and allows you to embrace wholehearted the world of ‘both faith and proof’.

Science, Spirituality, and Mysticism Combine

Uniting as One

With a Unified Perspective you don’t need to abandon your mind’s desire for proof, nor do you need to sacrifice your spirit’s desire for faith. As I said before, we are going to be using proven principles and laws, based on 5,000 years of written studies and experiments to back it all up. With this Unified Perspective you’ll begin to satisfy your faith, personal religion, and your need for proof and evidence.

You really can create almost anything you want in life. But we’ll need to temper that perspective with the harsh light of truth and science, understanding the limits and sequential nature of building your dream. This is all about actually accomplishing your dream, not doing your best and failing. If you are going to build those dreams into reality, you’ll need to understand that creating your living dream, is governed by the same laws of nature and physics as everything else. The Modern Scientific paradigm has shifted, a new era in science has begun, we call this the Age of Quantum Mechanics and a few of its rules and laws are causing the worlds of Science, Spirit, and Mysticism to re-unite.

After 2,000 years of being at odds with one another, these three worlds are recombining and reuniting giving us an altogether new Physics of Making Dreams come true…

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