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Veils Cloud Our Vision:

Swarovski Viel in Austria

There are veils running between your current life and your life as you wish it would be. Thin and fragile, transparent enough to let you see what is just ahead, but thick enough to hold you back. It will not be enough to simply ignore or force the veils aside, we are going to need to do away with them altogether. We are going to need to remove these veils one by one, and as we do so, you’ll begin to see that cloudy vision of your perfect life growing clearer and clearer with every passing moment, until one day, not so long from now, you will look around with unobstructed eyes and see that your life has become all you had ever hoped it would be…

The First Veil

Falling Down by Bucz

There are going to be just two major hurdles standing between you and your life as a living dream come true. The first hurdle, somewhat obvious is – Uncovering your Dream! You are going to have to know where you are headed if you’re going to have any chance of getting there. After that will come all the hurdles of the journey itself, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, one thing at a time. If you are going to uncover your dream with any clarity, we will need to get rid of the first pesky veil. Fortunately, the first veil is the thickest and most difficult to remove, so all the others after it get easier and easier, so if you have the courage to face this first one, it’s all down hill after that… The first and thickest of all the veils is called the Fear of Failure, aka: the Fear of Success, and the Fear of Falling.

You might ask, “How can the fear of Failure and the Fear of Success be the same thing?” Always remember that a veil has two sides, and what you see through it depends on what you’re looking at! We want to see a clear vision of your life as living dream come true, from that vision we you will begin to move towards it, gradually making it clearer and clearer until you can see every element of it in the world around, soaring into your real life… If you are going to have the ability to see clearly, the courage to soar, you are going to need to begin clearing away of any fears of falling or failing, so I think it’s high time we take the edge of that veil by Learning to Fall Gracefully…

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