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Learning to Get Back Up!

Falling and failing sucks, it really does suck to fall. We may make a game, or a joke out of it, but it still sucks to fall or fail. The trick is this: Get Back Up Quickly and Gracefully.

Falling or Flying? You Decide...

Look, it’s always gonna suck to fail. There is no coaching or personal development hogwash that is going to change that. It’s built into us. Anyone who ever tells you, “It’s okay, as long as you did your best…” probably doesn’t really understand you’re not stopping. The truth is, it sucks to do your best and then fail. But it hurts far worst to do your best, fail, and then give up. It will always be easier to Get Up then Give Up. With the ice skaters we taught them to fall and recover without even slowing down. Falling and failing is just part of the process as long as you don’t stop. Lincoln never failed… . He lost a ton of elections, but the truth is, he set a goal and he succeeded, period. The skaters in the course got so good at recovering. that they would just bounce off the ice and half the time you didn’t even notice they had fallen. I had a mentor who love to say, “You only truly know your limits when you push yourself past the breaking point. If you want to truly reach your limits, you’re going to break a lot of things along the way…”

Are you ready?

What do you mean stumble? I didn't stumble!

Getting back up is always easier than giving up! and it always will be. Any fall, any stumble, any failure is just an indicator of the current edge. It may be the edge of your abilities, or the edge of your focus. If you want to push yourself to experience life at your best, you’ll be close enough to the edge of your abilities to keep it well within sight most of the time. We’re going to stay on the ‘graceful – non-stumbling’ side of that edge, but from time to time you may push it a little too far and stumble a bit. But if you can see stumbling as nothing more than one part of gracefully moving forward, and that every fall is the first half of bouncing back up – then Welcome to Tools.

These 7 tools you are about to receive are all about building your life into a living dream come true. You’re going to need to make some adjustments, and changes along the way, that’s just part of learning to use the tools. The same way a carpenter needs to learn the limits of a saw and hammer before they can build a house, you’ll be discovering what’s possible and then taking the steps to make it happen. So if you’re ready to push your limits, if you’re ready to face your own truth, challenge yourself, and embrace your life as a living dream come true… Then let’s waste no time and get straight to the tools and start building!!!

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