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Preface: Before We Begin

First: I want to welcome you to The Pillars of Success Quick Start Seven and get one thing out in the open, these tools and techniques have been passed down to you from some of the greatest leaders, thinkers, artists, and builders the world has ever known (I’ll be giving you examples throughout).

I feel fortunate to be the compiler, the typist of the sages, but aside from a few little phrases here and there, I do not claim to be creator of these tools. These tools have been passed down over the last 5,000 years, and I want to thank you for giving me the chance to now share them with you now.

Are you ready to Get it All?

Second: I want to be clear about this right from the beginning, these tools aren’t about doing your best and then failing, these tools are all about actually building your living dream come true. The techniques are highly tested and proven, with thousands of year’s worth of refinement. When they were given to me, I personally used them to attract over $350 million dollars in a single day (you can read the foreword for the details).

These tools have proven themselves throughout the ages, and proven themselves to me. I present them to you with confidence in their quality, and with no doubts whatsoever of their validity. Bare in mind throughout the Quick Start 7 that this text is highly condensed in order to quickly give you an understanding of all the major dream building tools. More detailed and comprehensive knowledge is available in other Pillars of Success volumes.

My very Serious Warning to you:

Turning Dreams into Reality functions exactly as everything else in nature. If you are seeking ‘something for nothing, get rich quick, get fit without effort’ non-sense, there are many people willing to sell it to you. But reality doesn’t work that way, no matter how much you pay someone to tell you that it does.

Most everything here at Monalle is pretty playful and light hearted, building dreams is supposed to be fun. But right now I need to be absolutely serious for a moment: “These tools and techniques are non-discreet, they will amplify and magnify whatever your dreams are.” If you use these tools for personal benefit at the expense of others, you will be entering into a life of endless opposition. There is an old saying: “Whomsoever plants only poison, shall have only poison to eat.”

So be cautious, make sure that your living dream come true includes helping and supporting all the people around you. If you use these tools to create joy and happiness in the world, then the entire Universe will race in to support you and to you I say, “Welcome to the Pillars of Success’ Quick Start Seven!”

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