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Introducing Tool #1: A Unified Perspective

Strong Foundations build lasting results

The first tool for your dream building toolkit is called, “A Unified Perspective.” With this tool you’ll be able to move away from any ‘wishy washy, you can have whatever you want just by asking’ attitudes and begin taking practical proven steps towards realizing your dreams. With this tool you will begin to see the mystical world of faith, and the practical world of science harmoniously combining into a very accurate perspective, A Unified Perspective.

Building dreams into reality functions in exactly the same way as building anything else. An engineer must first understand the laws of physics before they can hope to build any sort of lasting structure. What good would it do to spend five years building a bridge that collapsed five days later? Such the same with turning dreams into reality, if they are not built on solid foundations, they will simply crumble. That is exactly what this tool does, it forms a solid foundation to begin building your living dream.

Science, Spirit and Mysticism – Mutually Exclusive

A door is opening to you

A very long time ago, the worlds of Science, Spirit, and Mysticism were united. The priests were the engineers, doctors, and architects. In those early stages of human history, the making of metal (smelting), healing (Shamanism), and the art of building (architecture) were the mystical secrets of the holy priests. Then, suddenly, without warning there was a dramatic split, the Scientists, the Shamans, and the Priests all went their separate ways.

The world of science became focused on the seen, the measurable, the testable, the world of proof. The world of spirit became the domain of religion was relegated to the realm of faith, the improvable, immeasurable, mystical world of belief without proof. So serious was this divide that Galileo was labeled a Heretic and arrested by the Church for believing that the sun was at the center of the Universe!

The human spirit needs faith, it longs to feel that it is a part of something, that it isn’t alone. The human mind needs proof! It longs to feel that its beliefs and ideas are solidly founded. The mind forever strives towards sense of ‘correctness’ while the Spirit forever yearns for a sense of ‘connectedness’.

The Church once arrested Scientists for their beliefs

Life in its very nature longs for both faith and proof. But for the last two thousand years the Mystical World called for faith without proof, and the scientific world called for proof without faith… This divide was so painful, so inaccurate, so wanting, that of course, in order for it to work it had to begin to saturate everything… Even into the world of Personal Development…

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