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Q-Tip and Norah Jones present “Life is Better”

Officially, the benchmark of “cool” was set by Russell Simmons this morning at 5:30am while practicing some Vinyasas. However, since Russell Simmons raises the ‘Cool Standard’ every morning when he wakes up, he is exempted from the contest (sort of like competing with Hercules or Sampson – they’re mythological figures and best if we just let them inspire us instead of trying to match their feats)…

So with Russell Simmons out of the running for ‘Cool Standard’ – the true reference standard was set last month in an epic convergence of two Red Giants in the world of Cool… Okay, forgive me if I running on a bit here , but come ‘on ya’ll, it’s Q-tip and Norah Jones collaborating!

That’s like the day chocolate and peanut butter figured out they go good together! In and of itself, the combo would be enough, we couldn’t really ask for anything more than that, but being the perennial all stars, the essential dream team, they had to give us more than we could have hoped to ask for, with a hook that, while running through your mind actually improves your life!

Self improvement and life coaches are constantly trying to get us to think more positively, to ‘believe’ in ourselves and our dreams. So Norah Jones and Q-tip want to help us get that simple fact of life running through our minds, “Life is Better, now that, now that I believe” … Believe in What? — Doesn’t matter… Life really is better when you believe, belive in yourself, believe in your friends, believe in you family, believe in your dream… Life is better when you believe, everything, every single aspect of life becomes more vivid, more rich, more full, all by simply believing!

Thank you Norah and Q-tip, you have touched my soul and made me a better person by simply enjoying what you have wrought!

Note: This new standard is like to remain unchallenged until the RZA comes off sabbatical… We’ll keep you posted on any advances made in this arena…

Added After Publishing: I was just informed what this song is all about… Q-tip and Norah are singing about making your dreams come true, and Q-tip rattles off a MASSIVE list of people who have actually done it (he’s listing people who have started with next to nothing and made their dreams come true)… Countless artists who brought their dreams to life, by believing in themselves and going after those dreams with passion and pride!

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