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The Billion Dollar Shaman

Images of the author: M. Daniel Walsh

After 10 years traveling and studying The Laws of Attraction, Yoga, Shamanism, and the Science of Success M. Daniel Walsh put the principles to the test in the real world.

While mastering of the Laws of Attraction, he worked as a contracted market analyst / forecaster for Fortune 500 companies including: Hewlett Packard, Wells Fargo, Starbucks Intnl., and Phillips Electronics where he helped them apply the Laws of Attraction to multi-million dollar product launches.

He then put the Laws of Attraction to work for Public Education Funding generating over $1.2 billion dollars in a two year as Executive Director of the Jeremy Thorn Group and Research Director of its subsidiary Education Research. His single day greatest success apexed in a 5 county election totaling over $350 million dollars, all for public education. At the time he left the Jeremy Thorn Group, Daniel was overseeing $2 million dollars, per day.

Both Ends of the Totem Pole

After leaving the public sector he then applied the Laws of Attraction to privately generate over $500k for the construction of what has become America’s premier yoga facility located just North of Napa Valley in California. After raising the funds, he accepted a dual position as Project Coordinator and general labor for the duration of the construction process.

“Having next to no experience in construction, but tons of experience in management, it seemed appropriate for me to take roles at both ends of the totem pole. At night I handled the project co-ordination, and during the day I labored with the other apprentices and journeymen under some the best craftsmen and artisans in the world.”

The Pillars of Success

While working in Napa, Daniel met his true love, Molly Bricker whom he would later propose to. After the completion of Yoga Facility, the couple moved deep into the woods to begin the final compiling and final editing of the Pillars of Success Program. They now live in rural Northern Michigan in a home they built together, as he puts the finishing touches on the Pillars of Success Program.

He is also the author of:

The Elevating Eight
Debunking the Laws of Attraction
17 Lessons in Self Esteem,

The Pillars of Success Program coming soon!!!

Note: Monalle will be releasing downloadable versions each of these books leading up to the Premier of The Pillars of Success Program.

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