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Positive Thinking

it all starts with you

This isn’t about convincing yourself things are good when you know they aren’t. It’s about empowering and motivating yourself to take control of those things you can and making a difference in your own life every single day.

Listen, turning a blind eye to the problems surrounding us all in the modern world doesn’t help anyone, most of the time it just makes things worse. Actively practicing the art of Positive Thinking isn’t about that kind of silliness, instead it’s simply all about staying motivated and staying positive as you make the changes, improve the shortcomings, and jump through the hoops that make your own life so special and unique.

Here at Monalle we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing you with Uplifting, Inspiring, and Empowering, multi-media content rich with success stories, inspiring people, and uplifting bits of adorable delight all dedicated to helping you fill your life with positivity day after day!

We aren’t trying to fool anyone into the all too dangerous path of “Fool yourself into believing things are the way you want them to be,” nope, we support non-sense, but not that particular brand of non-sense.

Making a Difference!

The Little things mean so much

What we do is here is different because we know that staying optimistic can be a huge challenge for anyone. So what we do is simple, we provide a playground for positivity in all it’s myriad forms. No news, no profanity or violence, and nothing lewd or crude.

We just wanted to make a space where you could come every morning and know for certain you’re going to get a healthy dose of delight with every click. We partnered with some of the best game creators in the world to keep bringing us fresh games, puzzles, brain builders and strategy games so when you feel like taking a little break you can do it in a beneficial way…

On top of that we’ve got over 1,500 regular video submitters who send us the most amazing uplifting videos they find from all over the world, plus a regular stream of articles coming from the award winning Pillars of Success series to help keep you going day in and day out…

So whatever your pleasure, and whatever your needs, if you’re dedicated to making Positive Thinking a part of your life, we’re here to help!