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A Positive Mental Attitude

What is a Positive Mental Attitude? What’s in it for you? How do you get one and what is it good for?

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It’s is one of the great treasures of life… Mind you, it’s worth saying, and not for nothing here, but there is little worse than fake positivity. This is not now, nor will it ever be about pretending to see the silver lining in the dark cloud… Some things suck, seriously, some situations and circumstances are just crappy.

This isn’t about faking it, it isn’t about pretending some terrible situation is just what you always wanted, no, no, no! A truely Positive Mental Attitude is all about maintaining the belief that you can transform difficult situations in to something you’d much rather have. It’s never about lying to yourself, it’s all about empowering yourself!

With all great achievements in life, there is always a first step. Without that crucial first step, nothing else can occur. What we’re talking about here is you’re attitude, the belief than you can, or can’t will determine EVERYTHING which follows…

Let me explain in the most simple terms possible: We can take steps to get away from something, like getting away from a bad relationship, a struggling career, or getting away from our bills and other burdens, that’s the essence of Negative Thinking. We see the negative, and we seek to get away from it or avoid it altogether.

The problem of course is that all that negative focus just finds us hopping from one bad thing to the next, and as we all know: “That which we focus on is that which we approach.” Now, the other side of the spectrum is when we make the commitment to the shift, and the shift is simple: “Towards”…

We can either try to get away from something (negative perspective), or we can make the decision to be heading towards something (positive perspective).

It’s all how you see things…

You see, it’s a perspective change, but it makes all the difference in the world. Instead of taking steps to get away from something, or to overcome and obstacle (focused on destruction, dis-empowering), we take steps towards something better, we actively create the solutions! (focused on creation, empowering)

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Does it work? Dr. Richard Wiesman studied over 400 people for ten years, half with negative mental attitudes (avoid and escape) and half with Positive Attitudes (achieve and aspire) he found that those people with Positive Mental Attitudes were over 30 times more likely to succeed in any given endeavor!

It’s a subtle change, a small difference that makes all the difference in the world…

Try it, make the shift to living a life always moving towards your dreams, let go of false beliefs of “Pretend you have what you always wanted and it will come” let go of false beliefs of “Improve your weaknesses and achieve anything you desire” forget all those complicated roundabout ways of getting things done. Instead, take the simple path, the short direct line and find yourself the proud owner of a Positive Mental Attitude always moving towards and every improving, ever growing life as a living dream come true…

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