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Maximizing Positive Affirmations

Crowd of People Affirming Each Other

In Japan they called them “Koans”…

In India and Tibet they call them mantras…

Positive Affirmations have been around all over the world since the beginning of time. But how do you get the most out of them and make sure your not just ‘mouthing the words’?

Here’s five tips for maximizing the results you get from the affirmations you use:

  1. Make sure it applies to you! There’s no sense trying to affirm something that doesn’t apply to you!
  2. Feel it, don’t just say it… The strength of the affirmation comes from the feelings they create, not the words we say!
  3. Use Multiple Channels: Write it, speak it, read it, put it somewhere you can see it… The more energy you put into making it tangible, the stronger it will be. Native Americans are well known for carving, weaving, and beading symbols of their affirmations… The more channels you use and the more tangible you make it, the better!
  4. Keep it Close to You Zen Monks are known for writing their affirmations down on small scrolls and then keeping them with them all the time, tucking them into belts, putting them into their pillows, anything to keep the written version of the affirmation close to you at all times.
  5. “Practice, Don’t Preach” Sharing is great and there are going to be lots of appropriate situations to share, but by and large your affirmations are for you and you alone. There’s no need to tell others what you’re doing or how to live their lives, the best way is allows to lead by example!

Okay, so those are a few basic tips for getting the most out of whatever types affirmations you use. Just remember to make sure that the words resound with your true intentions, allow them to serve as a reminder of what you’re after in life, and little by little you’ll find yourself getting closer and closer to your dreams.

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