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Pixel Grower

For the next five minutes you don’t have to think. In fact, thinking could ruin the fun of this whole game for you because by the time a thought travels down your arm to your mouse hand, it will already be too late to do anything about it!

At first, this game is easy, very easy… Then pretty quickly it becomes a challenge, and in a no time at all it becomes a test of your ability o shut your mind down and just feel.

Many of my Monalle friends know that my core background is as a Marital Artist – Pixel Grower is ‘Mouse Kung Fu’ at its finest, here’s why, in Kung Fu you must not hesitate, must not think. Of course you plan and strategize, but when the action gets going and things start moving quickly you have to learn to let your mind stay out of it and TRUST YOURSELF!

Try it with this game, to reach the higher levels you’ll need to find the rhythm of the game, there’s a subtle dancing that you perform with your mouse hand that allows you to sync up with the internal rhythm of the game… Once you find that rhythm, the game becomes a pure delight!