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Ouka Ringarts Contact Juggling

Meet Ouka, an extraordinarily talented street performer from Japan…

Now, Ouka’s homepage and all the info I could find was all in Japanese, so I wasn’t able tot get the best details on this one, btu here’s the basics: This is all real time footage. No CGI, no special effects, and no stop motion. What you’re seeing here is exactly the same thing that the audience saw.

Google Translate was little rough in this one for me, so I couldn’t find out how old he is, but what I did find out was that he is the Won the Japanese National Juggling Competition, and has performed for the Prime Minister in Person! Pretty cool right?

Well, I hope you enjoy the routine and if you want to visit Ouka’s site (it’s all in Japanese) More About Ouka . or you can contact him directly at:

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