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Bringing Order to Life

Bubbles are the essence of order...

Order is a mysterious thing. So often we hold an idea of what we want order to be. We tend to want things, relationships, careers, school to all go smoothly. But it seldom works out that way. The magic of order is that it’s okay for things to be turbulent; they can still have order within them.

There are aspects of our lives which we have complete control over, and others which we must find our place within. There is a current; an ever flowing current which is always moving us forward through our lives. Like the tornado or hurricane, this current is an irresistible and unstoppable force.

You can call this current ‘time’ if you like. Time insists that all things eventually return to the natural flow. No matter how neatly we arrange our socks, inevitably they will all eventually unravel.

But, powerful winds can be harnessed and turned to work for us, so too can the current of life be turned to your advantage.

Using the natural order to your advantage

This current of time insists the natural order of things will always eventually prevail. Bringing order into your life takes refers to your ability to harmoniously work within the order which surrounds and guides us all. After all, why oppose a hurricane if you can make it work for you instead?

This example has proven very valuable: Imagine the natural order as a stream and you are in a canoe on that stream. You have a paddle and guide yourself, but the current of that stream is too strong for you to go against it, nomatter what you do the current will continue to carry you. In this situation you have a choice, “Go with the flow” or “Struggle against it”. As you learn to use your paddle well, you learn to let that current carry and support you as all you need to do is avoid the obstacle in that stream.

If you leave things undone, unfinished and poorly kept, it is the same as trying to fight against that current. The currents of time will always be bringing new things and challenges to you, and sweeping you away from whatever your current focus is. Unfinished things divide your focus, making it impossible to use the current to your advantage. You loose on both fronts at once…

Today is our last day on Order, and we’ve really covered a lot of ground. The big thing, the ‘takeaway’ from our explorations on order is this: “There is a larger order composed of all of us. Our personal order determines how well we are able to make use of the larger order.”

Ordering yourself around

So for today, and over the weekend, “Order yourself around a bit.” If you want the success you deserve, you will need to make use of that larger order to support your efforts. The only way to do that is to put your life, your projects, you possessions all in good order.

The goal of this practice is a sense that nothing is dragging on you. Everything which you might say, “Needs to be done” is done. Nothing is hanging over your head.

This weekend, start nothing new. Simply focus all your efforts on bringing completion, closure, and yes -even neatness to everything which has been calling for your attention. For most of us, we all have a half dozen or so things which stalled right by the finish line, these are the things we will focus on this weekend.

It may be as easy as placing a few phone calls you’ve been needing to make, or a room which needs it’s trim painted, or an art project looming unloved in a corner somewhere… Whatever it is for you, this weekend is the time to try and get it in order, so your energies will be free to completely embrace all the wonderful things which are on their way…

Have a great weekend! See you Monday…

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