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The Essence of Order

At this point we’ve seen the benefits of order and understand that when used properly, order only benefits us. Bringing order into our lives adds a sense of completion to things, frees our mental and emotional resources, and makes tasks easier and more entertaining to complete.

If we are going to begin increasing and improving the order in our personal lives, we’ll need a good clear an example of what Order is and means, we need a reference standard for a best case example of what ‘Order’ is. (Reference standard means, ‘The Best Example’) So what’s the reference standard for ‘Order’ ?

I can think of no better standard then good ole’ Mother Nature herself. Emerson said that ‘Nature’s Bible’ the Ultimate Reference for just about anything you can image.

So where do we see order in nature? What specific example will we be using for our reference?

Order Exists at both ends of the Spectrum

The neat thing about nature’s bible is that it’s inclusive. For something to be on one page of it, it has to be on every page, Mother nature just works that way.

When I first did this exercise, I looked into nature and saw order in the calm streams, still lakes, soothing meadows. These are the easy ones to see and accept. But what about the order inside a hurricane? Or the undeniable order of a tornado?

Is the chaos of an ice storm any less orderly than the still water of calm lake?

Finding the order within the Storm:

Being relaxed on a calm lake is an easy thing to do. But life isn’t always like that. Sometimes life is chaotic and unruly. Sometimes order can be calm and neat, and other times order can be chaotic and tumultuous, so how do we find our place within it?

So what on earth does any of this mean and how do we put it to use?

That’s today’s exercise… You thought we were going to organize our sock drawers this week didn’t you? This is Monalle, you come here for more than that, don’t you? Today’s exercise is watching, looking all around you at Nature’s Bible to see the order where you may have previously missed it. I know some of you – like me- like the exercises to be very finite (give me clear instructions and I can do almost anything!) so today’s exercise is simple: Observe Order in places you previously did not see it – Write down five examples!

See you tomorrow!

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