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Order (day 2): “Good Working Order”

It is odd to think that Self Confidence itself is grounded and rooted in order. Odd to realize that Order forms the basis from which we create and manifest all new things into our lives. It is order which allows us to accomplish what we set out to accomplish, to arrive at our destinations.

The Natural Order of a Carnival?

Think for a moment on any journey, I like the idea of going to an amusement park. It’s simple notion, we know the way, we trust our vehicle, and we go…With each journey we are reminded that we will arrive at the goal. It happens so naturally, without effort or thought. It’s so simple and familiar that we take for granted the underlying order in it all.

The journey to a fruitful relationship, the journey to a successful career, the journey to a degree or accreditation. All these things hinge upon the nature of the journey itself, and the journey itself rests upon the nature of order.

Does this make sense? It’s so simple that it becomes easy to miss. Every goal you ever set out to achieve is built atop the order in your life. In the above example, if the car itself were in poor order, the journey would not be the same. This is where we get the term ‘good working order’.

With a tiny stretch of the imagination you can see that the same applies to every aspect of your life. If your accounts are in good order, you can weather most storms and still watch your savings grow. If your health is in good order, you’ll have the strength and stamina to enjoy and live life at its fullest. If your relationship is in good order you’ll find yourself pleased, and confident as you go about your days. Every aspect of your life is interconnected, and order is the strength behind those connections.

Today’s Exercise

For today’s exercise, you’ll be observing yourself, your life, your possessions, your relationships…

This is a very good day to make some notes for yourself as you’ll be uncovering the weak link in the order around you. Most likely, if you are a human, you –like the rest of us – have certain things in your life which are very well tended to and in good order. Simultaneously you have other aspects which are in utter disrepair and neglect. It’s different for each of us, but I’ve yet to meet the person to whom this was not true. For one, they may be very healthy – and have their accounts in poor order. For another, they may have good accounts – and their primary relationship is in poor order.

It doesn’t matter, really it doesn’t. We’ll be building order as the week progresses; all that matters for today’s exercise is to look at the order in your life. Try to see if you can find the natural imbalances which occur for us all… Write them down, make some notes, it will help you to bring focus to these areas… Be brave, look at your current situations honestly, get a good clear picture of the starting points and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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