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Off to Vegas for the Weekend

Image of modern sphinx at Luxor in Las Vegas

As you may or may not know, I have a new book coming out next year… Horray!

…and my ever diligent, always kindhearted leash holders have released me from the endless hours of writing and rewriting for a weekend in Vegas! Oh, they love me so much and treat me so good :-)

That’s right, all expenses paid… Third Class all the way… Nothing’s too ‘average’ for me! ..and all I have to do is attend classes from 7am until 10 pm everyday and my generous ‘bosses’ (okay, actually I’m the boss around here) . . . whenever Molly and Elly let me think I am at least.

The days are super long, the conference is packed with 30 of the top coaches and authors in the industry, it’s like a boot camp for author’s, all day long, from the crack of dawn Thursday until Sunday, should be sweet! I’m super excited…

But what do you do…

I’m super excited to get to go and study from these great authors, but what do you do when you have two things you’re really excited about and you want to do them both? For example: Spending Halloween with my gorgeous wife dressed up as something special… – or – spending the weekend at Author 101 University and polishing my skills, honing my craft, and getting to rub shoulders with some of the best and brightest, while the company picks up the whole thing for me? Which do you pick?

How do you pick?

series of three images of the modern Pyramid in Las Vegas

Now, I’m about to teach you my secret technique for breaking a tie between two choices…

Simply see which one of them is most likely to involve a Pyramid… Not for any mystical mumbo jumbo reasons, it’s just that, seriously, how often do you get to see giant pyramids coverd in tacky transformers advertisements?

You know… You can go a whole lifetime without seeing something like that.

So, that being the case, I got myself booked into the Luxor in Vegas instead of the radically more conveniently located hotel I was supposed to stay at.. But you know, if I’m going to have to spend a weekend away from my darling wife…

I might as well get to do it at a massive contemporary pyramid!

See you all next week! With lots of fresh pictures from the conference…Have a great Halloween!