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Nudge! The Ultimate Music Maker

Perhaps the best of breed music maker I’ve seen to date. Nudge allows you to create incredible loops with “can’t go wrong ease’ for free, online with this amazing ‘game’… <-- Not sure it's really a game though is it.?.

Okay, let me clue you in a bit on how this thing works:
* There are 8 Sound Patterns color coded on the right.
* Use your mouse to draw or select notes on one, many, or any of the sound pattern matrices.
* Sound type you can adjust the Volume, and set the Left to Right balance and pan.
* The Tempo value changes the overall Tempo.
* Once you get a nice nudge created, use the “Get / Share” button to save it and create a link to it!
* Use the facebook share button on the Monalle viewer to invite your friends to inudge, plus add the link to nudge you created!

Here’s one I made once I got the hang of it: Daniel’s first good nudge!

Have fun and don’t forget to share these at twitter and facebook ’cause I wanna hear what you come up with!

That’s all there is too it! have fun!