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Rick Astley and Trent Reznor together at last

Sometimes when you’re out Ric-Rolling, you need something a little more… You know, the regular old Ric-Roll just isn’t good enough for all occasions… Thus, I present you with the apical RicRoll landing page…

You may feel free to target Ric-rolls here as often as you like, because you know, some occasions just require something apical, as in, ‘The Apex Of.’ Seriously, this is Monalle and we don’t do things in small ways around here so when Brat Productions brought Rick Astley and Trent Reznor together we knew we could finally check the obligatory Ric-Roll off our to-do list.

It’s a true melding of minds, a bit like a chocolate and peanut butter, or Oil and Anitfreeze, all depends on how you look at… In anycase, it was the first Ric-Roll any of us every sat through to the end, so enjoy!

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