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Never End

Flash based games are fun to play, and challenging to design… Our friends at have asked a bit more of themselves than usual with this one because they challenge our notions of gameplay… At it’s core, it’s a pretty straightforward basic adventure / escape game, just like the 10,000 others out there, but it isn’t the same.

What sets NeverEnd apart for traditional flash games is the left and right hand usages… To play, use your right hand on the arrow keys, to do what arrow keys always do, and then put your left hand on the ‘Z’ and ‘X’ keys to rotate both the screen while gravity remains fixed always flowing down the screen… To make your way through the puzzles you’ll need to use gravity as your friend to move boulders, remove obstacles, climb walls, and more!

Then for an added twists, our heroic developers created a game-world where the puzzles are interlinked and must be solved as part of much larger puzzle landscape… Very cool effort folks!

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