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Principles and Laws don’t Care:

Candles in a temple

If the rich get richer, and you aren’t already rich but would like to be, how will the Fundamental Principle work for you? As a matter of fact, if you want to be rich, and you aren’t already, isn’t the Fundamental Principle working against you? Isn’t it making sure you don’t get rich? If you have debt, isn’t the Fundamental Principal insisting that you get deeper into to debt? If your relationship is bad, doesn’t the Fundamental Principle insist that it will just get worse? That’s one thing you should know about working with the properties of nature, just like gravity or fire, they don’t really care what you want, they just do what they do and keep on doing it no matter what you want or choose to believe…

The Good and the bad News?

Happiness comes from within even if you are without

The good news is: All you need to do to get the Fundamental Principle working for you is begin having whatever you want, the principle will insist you get more of it. The bad news is: You probably don’t already have everything you want… hmmmm…. tricky…

Many of The Laws of Attraction courses will teach you, “You must believe that you are rich, or healthy, or in love already, and the laws of attraction will attract those things to you.” I know a lot of people out there trying this technique and getting no results at all, while their instructors tell them “It’s because your belief isn’t strong enough”. Sorry to burst that bubble, but the Fundamental Principle simply doesn’t care what you believe or want, it is guided by what you are and already have. If you are poor and you can honestly convince yourself that you are rich, the Fundamental Principle will bring you more of exactly that, belief. Belief is what you have, not riches, so the Fundamental Principle, brings you more of it.

For clarity: a glimpse ahead if you will, Material Wealth does not make you rich. I know people who have the houses, cars, boats, whatever else they dreamt of, and still they are miserable. At the same time I know people who have nothing material, not even running water, they are penniless and yet they are delighted with their lives. Which one has the real riches?

I said it before and I will say it again, “This isn’t about feeling good and failing, this is about making your dreams actually come true.” Feeling good about what you already have is a big part of it, but the other half is actually accomplishing your dreams. Feeling good about your current situation will get you on the right path, but you’re going need to walk down that path if you want to get where you’re going.

So if just believing isn’t enough to make the Fundamental Principle work for you, what is?

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