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Jedi Dog by Shaun Sanders

Introducing Scooter, the Jedi Dog (soon to be a short film)… This week we are focusing on honor, and i got to thinking about what sorts of videos I could put up that would get you minds flowing on the subject. Tomorrow I’ve got all these great things about Bushido, a Japanese Warrior tradition of honor, but today, I found this short of Scooter practicing to become Jedi, and it occurred to me, if a dog became a jedi, wouldn’t that be some sort of apical honor icon?

About the video:
Shaun and his buddy Mike want to make a short film called “Scooter, the Jedi Dog”… They aren’t professional movie producers by any means, just hobbyists. They got their hands on these software: FinalCut Pro, QuickTime Pro, and FXhome VisionLab Studio and made this little video as sort of test to get familiar with the software, shaun says that if you are interested in doing this sort of thing, software you will be most likely interested in is VisionLab Studio… “it’s a great program for making special effects.”

Some folks have been giving Shaun a hard time about the production quality of this little thing, he reminds us that he was just messing around and getting familiar with the software… A little note for the haters: Theodore Roosevelt once said “…the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic-the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done.” (1891)

Over 1 million eight hundred thousand people have already watched this little short and are excited to see the next installment, a little rough and not so fancy, sure… But when you take what you’ve got available and do your best with it and then almost 2 million people get excited to see what you’re going to do next… Way to go Shaun! Way to go Scooter! Now that’s honoring your present moment!

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