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In the Popular “Escape the Room” genre featuring such outstanding games as Sagrario’s Room Escape, we have a new entrant called “MorningStar” from RedHerring and Bubblebox.

For some odd reason, the intro movie isn’t quite working, we’ll see if we can get that sorted out, regardless, this game is: Difficult, Attractive, Challenging, and Fun!. Just click the lower right part of the screen on “Skip Intro” to get started…

Once inside, you’re find yourself trapped on a strange planet inside a crash landed spaceship. If you’re familiar with the “Escape the Room” style games, you’ll be well familiar with the style: Find and Collect objects, Use / combine those objects to solve puzzles and riddles throughout the environment, until you eventually escape… Sounds Simple Enough right?

To be honest, I have NOT WON THIS GAME YET. Normally, I don’t post a game until I’ve won it, but I need help! So we’ll start a thread at the facebook section of the website and maybe we can solve this one together! Cheers! …and good luck!

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