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The Positive Thinking Playground on Twitter

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We put it off as long as possible…

…avoided it until the very last moment.

But now, Monalle has finally gone to the birds, (the Little Twitter Bird to be precise)

…and pretty rapidly, Twitter has become one of favorite ways to interact with the Positive Thinking Community!

Here’s what we do at Monalle, (it’s really simple)

We Pump Positivity out into the World Day after Day.


It’s not complicated… It’s just what we do… and Twitter has given us an amazing tool for getting in touch, staying in touch, and meeting all sorts of Amazing Positive People From all over the world!

At Monalle we believe Positivity, and Positive Thinking only works in your favor, so we try and provide a little ultra Positive boost for people day after day…

Twitter has given us an amazing tool to do just that, plus it lets us meet the users (super valuable now that we’ve deactivated the comments feature)

If you choose to follow us at Twitter: You can be sure of one thing – Positive Tweets. Everyday, whether we’re linking to Monalle article, videos, games, or galleries fresh as they come up, or whether we’re interacting with our community of thousands of Positive People – Either way – Monalle is “All Positive, All the Time.”

Out Twitter stream and friends are something we’ve come to appreciate deeply, and we’ll do our best to make sure we send you a few smiles everyday!

To Follow Monalle at twitter, simply click the “Follow” button at the top of the section to the right.

…and in that one small gesture, you’ll be sending us a powerful message that you Appreciate and Enjoy all the effort that goes into to making Monalle the Positive Place on the Web!

Thanks! …also, please make sure to send us a message ” @monalle ” anytime, or anytime you find anything you think might be right for the site. Twitter has rapidly become one of the main ways we communicate with the Positive Thinking Community!

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