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Matthieu Ricard on The Inner Conditions

Matthieu Ricard is a PHD Biologist he gave up his life as Scientist and donned the saffron robes of a Tibetan Monk… For nearly 40 years he’s dedicated himself to meditation and prayer in the Himalayas in the most ardent traditional ways.

Over the years he’s written several books, translated many others, and provides a rare glimpse into the mystical world of the reclusive monks through his photo diaries… All this, coupled with his multi-lingual abilities, gentle demeanor, and common sensical manner of discourse has made him one of the most widely known and appreciated spirituality / personal development speakers on the planet.

So well regraded in fact, that google invited him to speak at a recent conference in Singapore. Delightful, cheerful, and friendly Matthieu reveals how our inner conditions create our outer realities… Excellent talk! Thanks Matthieu for doing what you do…

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