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Marc Allen & Shakti Gawain on Jill Lublin’s Messages of Hope

Most people have heard of bestselling authors Marc Allen and Shakti Gawain… Many people know that Marc’s company New World Library has published some of the most influential books of the modern era including: Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization, and Dan Millman’s The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Books that change lives! is motto over at New World Library’s publishing arm… There’s no doubt Marc’s efforts have gone a long way to make that mission a reality!

On Jill Lublin’s “Messages of Hope” Jill gets Marc and Shakti to open up about what it took to make their dream a reality… As you’ll see in the interview, a lot of persistence, a ton of good intentions, and then more persistence was the secret recipe they followed all the way from a box of books in the closet to being one of the most respected publishers in the world…

So often we want the path to success to be magically easy, but it seems like everytime we talk to the people who’ve been there, and done that – - – instead we find the Power of Persistence, hardwork and dedication to be the true secret of success…

Here at Monalle, as always – we try to create a place to help you stay positive along the way, we don’t look for shortcuts, instead we look for examples of doing things well, reminders that sometimes we need to work hard for a long time, face our challenges, embrace the obstacles and make the journey as rewarding as the destination…

Jill Lublin is the author of three bestselling books, do you think that makes her an instant TV star? No way! She’s facing new challenges, new adventures and going on a limb to create her own TV show dedicated to bringing Messages of Hope to people all over the world… So from us here at the Positive Thinking Playground, today we want to applaud Jill for being willing to embrace new challenges and expand her success as an author into a place where she can touch and inspire even more people!

Interviews like this one are just the beginning of what we hope is a long and outstanding place in mainstream media pumping positivity out across the airwaves! For more info on Messages of Hope (they have a conference coming up soon) visit: Messages of Hope