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Light Bot Puzzle Game

You may or may not know this, but I wrote a book on time management called, “The 3-EFG” time management method… The “3-G” part of that technique is “Group Tasks, Group Resources, Group Actions” – which means basically, you can be much more efficient in getting things done if you are able to group similar things into batches.

Light Bot is a game which illustrates this principle, while really making you think a fair bit. In order to win this game you’ll need to be able to group similar tasks into batches, compress them into repeatable functions, and then repeat them over and over…

Wow! I made that sound way more complex than it is… In real life, you may have to pay bills (it’s a part of life after all) but it can be time consuming and irritating… So what most people do is set aside a block of time and pay all their bills at once, maybe once a week they do this, maybe once a month… The point is, since the unique bills are all basically handled in the same way, we can group them into a set of ‘like tasks’ and do them all at once making the whole process much faster and more effective.

Now, in Light Bot, you get to turn that same concept into something much more fun and challenging then handling bills… What you want to do here is to compress the goal into the least number of tasks possible to complete it (just like real life time management)… Then, you want to identify any tasks that are repeated – for example – “take three steps forward, hop, turn right” in some of these puzzles you may have to repeat a sequence like that five times before you can solve the puzzle… So instead of typing it in five times, you reduce it to a ‘function’ then just repeat the function five times! Pretty easy, but in the more difficult puzzles you will need to use every single available square – perfectly!!! Good luck!!

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