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Les Twins Rug Dealers

Yes, this is dubstep… IN fact, this might very well be the new reference standard for elite dub steppin’ goodness…

Directed by YAK Films “Twin brothers Larry and Laurent Bourgeois collectively known as LES TWINS are internationally known New Style Hip-Hop dancers, originally from Sarcelles, France.
Featuring Les Twins from Paris, France, representing New Style dance.

This little gem was put together courtesy of the 4th Ave. Rug Gallery, Direct Importer of Fine Rugs, in San Diego California by
Yoram Savion, Kash Gaines, Ben Tarquin & Javier Ochoa of Yak Films as part of their never ending quest for authentic goodness…

Not to mention a lovely little promotion piece helpingn to get ther word out about the WORLD OF DANCE TOUR launching their new Hip Hop Freestyle 2 on 2 dance concept this year.

I’ll try to keep you all posted as the World of Dance Tour heats up!

Oh Yeah! I almost forgot – the track bumping in the background is by: Mt. Eden Dubstep…

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