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Falling – The Basics:

Falling or Soaring?

What better place to learn about falling gracefully then the ice. I’ve been a coach / trainer for quite a while now, and in the beginning I worked just with athletes. In the very beginning it was as a Power Skating Coach teaching Figure Skaters, Hockey Players, and Speed Skaters to find their limits out there on the ice…

The first lesson was always the same no matter the skill level: HOW TO FALL DOWN SAFELY and GET BACK UP GRACEFULLY. No matter how accomplished they were, everyone had to learn this same basic idea. If you look for your limits, you’re gonna fall down, end of story. It doesn’t matter how skilled or unskilled you are, when you truly challenge yourself, you’re exactly the same as everyone else who looking for their edge, “the only true way to know your limit is to push past it…”

You are Not Alone – Everyone Hates Falling:

It's just natural to hate falling

Did you ever see a cat stumble? They hate it. Everyone hates it. It’s built into us to hate it, the same way it is built into all the other animals on this planet. You are not alone… As a coach, people expect me to help them find their limits, to help them break through to the other side. For the athletes, the fear of falling is rooted in the physical pain and injury of it. But falling and failing aren’t the same thing now are they? If you go for double axle and take a stumble, so what? It’s pretty easy to get back up and try again as long as you don’t break your ankle…

But if you spend 3 years trying to get into the college of your choice – and then fail, or if you spend 5 years building your dream business – and then fail, or if you spend 10 years building a marriage and then get betrayed, anyone of those things is pretty much a life shattering failure, much harder than just trying to get up and jump again.

Those athletes risk serious injury, but the true fear of failing is much worse. It carries: embarrassment, judgment, disappointment, disenchantment, frustration, despair, agony, anguish, hopelessness, sorrow, humiliation and worst of all shame! Who hasn’t tried their hardest, failed, and then felt the crippling weight of inward shame? The good news is, this isn’t about trying hard and failing. This is all about trying hard and accomplishing, setting goals, having dreams, and making them into reality! If you want to do that, let’s skip past this falling for beginner’s nonsense and get serious, The Very Serious Art of Competitive Falling…

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