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Kung Fu Tenacity

Monalle: “Master Wah Lum,how is that you manage to keep the vandals from painting on your school?”

Master Wah Lum: “We don’t… They respect us, but still they must paint whereever there is space, it is their nature…”

Monalle: “So how do you keep your school so clean?”

Master Wah Lum: “We keep fresh paint, all the time, and everytime the graffiti goes up, we paint over it the same day. They know they are wasting their time to paint on our school. So they rarely paint here anymore…”

That my friends, is old school Kung Fu Tenacity. No mucking around about it. No complaints, no whinging, no worries. Just get it done. You want it a certain way (no graffiti) you make it that way…

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