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Keenan Cahill and 50 Cent “Down on Me”

A little something special this morning dedicated to my friend Scott H. who is among 50 Cent’s biggest fans… Not quite at the level Keenan is, but this video made me think of him so I thought I’d dedicate this post to him…

You know Keenan is good ole’ 50 cent’s #1 fan… And you know 50 loves his fans… So why not go to Keenan’s house and do a lip sink duet with him?

Hold on! 50 is the roughest toughest hombre around right? The guy got shot like 10 times, got so spooked he wore a bullet proof jacket 24 hours a day for ten years, now he’s gone all adorable on us?

Well folks, that’s the point here… While so many people are trying so hard to project this thuggish, tough guy thing, the real life tough guys (I consider 50 a real life tough guy) don’t need to waste their time on braggadocio, they can just do what makes them happy, have fun with life and be playful when they want to…

This video is a shining example of a legitimate thug who used music to get away from the streets, and now that’s he’s made it, he isn’t afraid to be happy about it! Way to go 50, and way to go Keenan!

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