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Jessica’s Daily Affirmations

With over 4 million people delighting in little Jessica’s amazing positivity, I thought it was well and good time we get to the bottom of the mystery and answer a few of the questions behind the video…

How old was Jess at the time of the video?
She’d turned 4 about 6 weeks before the video was shot.

Does she say “I can assert!” at the beginning of the video?
No. Actually her father reports that she actually says, “I can be a shark” – which is one of her favorite animals, but at age 4, she still had some difficulty making “sh” sounds.

What are her “Allison’s”?
Allison is her aunt, and Jessica likes her.

Why does she pluralize everything?
She just has so much optimize and joy in her life, singular just couldn’t express it all, she only has one mom, one cousin, and one Allison.

Is this what she’s like all the time?
She was hamming it up a bit for the camera, but she’s very sincere in how much she likes, loves and enjoys her life!

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