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The Fundamental Principle is Always Working:

Nature's Bible

Reflect for a moment on a flowing stream, millions of droplets of water gathered together flowing towards the oceans. The trees gather at the side of the stream, the sand and pebbles at the bottom, the water all gathered together, this is what it means when we say: “Likes Congeal”. Then look at the water itself, how it all flows the same direction, or the trees which all grow the same direction, this it what it means when we say, “Likes Align”.

The Fundamental Principle states that, “Likes Align and Congeal.”
When we say Align, we mean that those things which are alike will have a tendency to move in the same direction, towards the same goal, traveling together, or in the simplest terms “all facing the same way”. In this way, the Fundamental Principle “Likes Align and Congeal” means simply that “Things which are alike have the tendency to gather and travel together.”

It’s one of those super simple basic truths, but once you take hold of it, it will carry you towards your goals and dreams with the irrefutable power only natural law can afford. In the next few pages we’re going to be learning how to work with it, but before we do, it’s important to understand that you’ve been using it all your life.

It Works for You No Matter What:

Aligning and Congealing at the Beach

The beach so perfectly illustrates this fundamental principle that it is hard to miss! It is important to understand that this is a Universal Principle, it governs things which are conscious as well as it governs things which are unconscious. Look for a moment at this image of the beach, what do you see? Houses of similar design are all grouped together, the people have gathered together on the beach and are even doing similar things, the water has grouped together with waves moving in similar way, and the sand has gathered together at the waters edge.

The sand is so special, every grain so similar, yet unique and individual, just like the people, all so similar, yet so distinct and exceptional. Such the same for the waves, each wave distinct and unique but each doing so much the same as all the other waves. Likes Align and Congeal, there is nothing difficult to understand about it. Conscious or not, with or without effort, this Fundamental Principle applies everywhere we care to look.

This principle has been at work in your life since the moment you came into being. It does not care what you like or dislike, it only cares what you are like.

Your friends, your loves, your job, your health, all these things and habits are the physical representation of what you are like on the inside. Your life is your Spirit manifesting all around you. This principle insists that you get what you earn, that people who are in alignment with you will come into your life, in essence, you will get more of what you already have.

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