Without a doubt this is my favorite game here. This is a physics based game, the game is built atop an elaborate algorithm that calculates the actual forces in each of the beams. In this way it really does act as an Architectural and Engineering trainer.

Now, the reason I love this game so much goes beyond just trying to build high (my best is 2234 meters), what I love is the beauty. Everywhere in nature, when things are in order, they tend to be beautiful. Have you ever noticed that? As you play this game and build some amazing structures, you’ll find an amazing balance, symmetry, and harmony begin to emerge in the structures which are the strongest and most sound. This principle applies in exactly the same way to your pursuit of success. Those plans which are harmonious and beautiful will tend to be the most strongest and most sound. Those goals which are imbalanced and lack symmetry will tend to fail the most quickly…

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