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Input and Output Puzzle Game

Our friends over at Smart Kit have provided one of my favorite sorts of puzzles this week, the kind that they don’t even tell you how to play, offer no instructions, and don’t even bother to explain what the goal of the game is!

For my two cents, a puzzle where half the puzzle is just trying to figure out what the puzzle is, well, that’s my kind of puzzle! So rather than try to explain this one with my two-hundred words (I’m supposed to write at least 200 words about every thing that goes up at Monalle!), instead I think I’d like to draw an analogy which explains exactly why this sort of game appeals to me so much

You see, life is a puzzle game without instructions… Lot’s of you here (especially the ones playing this) come to Monalle to play great little brain building games, why? For distraction? For stimulation? To test your character? To build your brain and mental prowess? The truth is, every week we review 30-50 games and present you with five of them, so how do we decided on which 5 make it to Monalle?

Well, in order to worthy of you, the Monalle fan, a game must be fun, but also have some sort of redeeming value on a higher level. It’s not enough for it just to be fun to play, every game here has some sort of life skill it embodies. Input / Output has no instructions, you need to figure out how to play it before you can even play it! So the takeaway here is simple, “How do you respond when you are presented a problem with no clear guidelines?” This game is a chance to show your character to yourself (most likely no one is watching you…) because how you respond to problems with no clear guidelines is how you respond to everything in life! Are you calm? Delighted at the challenge – or -irritated when things are clearly lined out for you? This is a chance to see a certain something about yourself, then, once you get over that, it’s actually a pretty fun little game too!

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