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Impasse by Wanderlands

I am told it can be won… But I have no evidence to support that fact…

The truth is, for the first time ever, I’m stuck.

Normally, when a game get’s submitted, I play it a bit, see if it can be defeated, compare it to the other stuff you all have been enjoying and post it if it seems to fit the bill… Today however, I’m totally addicted, and totally stuck on level 17: “Sweep”. This has never happened before, I’ve always been able to figure it out, not one of these games has ever completely stumped me (and still been enjoyable)…

But, there’s a first time for everything, and right now, for the first time: I’m totally stuck, and totaling loving it!

The game is easy to play, not to challenging because you just sort of learn as you go, but by about level 10, it’s starts to get really heady… So if you figure it out, head over to our facebook page and give me some tips!

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