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I Love Traffic

All over the place it’s pretty easy to find amazing driving games. Games with powerful cars, drifting, drag racing, etc. Yawn!

How about a game where you get to be the traffic controller? No more exciting highspeed cornering or all that fancy pants stuff, just good old fashioned traffic controlling the way a driving game should be!

Okay I’m kidding a little bit here, but I do think this game is a really innovative spin on a classic theme “The Car Game”

As always, I know you expect some mindful insightful prose tied into the game, and this game would be no exception… If I could just think of something enlightening and empowering about controlling traffic lights… Hmmm…. Well, I think I’ll file it under Barin Breaks and just leave it at that… It’s pretty fun, and the whole “work in pulses for optimum results” seems a tad to obvious to go into…

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