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No more than my space, no less than my place

I wonder if fish have vanity issues?

This phrase “No more than my space, no less than my place” is designed to help you unlock that gate and stay on the path to the treasures of humility. You see, with “Gratitude” you can only slip up in one direction – Not Enough Gratitude. But with Humility, you can slip on both sides.

“No more than my space” is the first half of the key. It reminds us that we must not overreach ourselves. We must not pretend to be where we are not. For example, if you salary or earnings allow you to afford a home of one price, you would be overreaching your space to try and buy a much more expensive home.

Mind you, you’re studying the keys to personal and professional development here, so you are going to ask yourself to reach your limits. How can you do that without seeking more than your space in life? It’s easier than it sounds.

If you want a higher station in life, you must first outgrow your current one! That’s all there is to it. When you accept you current space in life completely, you job, your home, your relationship, your earnings and try to do your absolute best with what you have, it is inevitable that you will outgrow that space. However, if you strive for more than you have, you will be spread to thin, and loose the space you once had…

No Less than my Place:

Herein rests the heart of it all. Perhaps in all the traits and essences, this single sentence is the most profound and powerful. It is the lock on the doorway to limitless inner riches. “No less than my place.”

Pride, your greatest ally and most powerful enemy on this journey, the truest of all double edged swords. Pride will elevate the simple trivial task to pure joy and delight. Yet pride if imbalanced, will cause you to loose everything.

No less than my place. You see, we need to have pride in everything we do in order to things well, yet so often that pride blinds us. We become overly focused, we justify that focus by saying “I am doing my best.” We justify neglect of one thing with the pride in another. That is not humility.

Being truly humbles means that loose our limits on both sides while accepting our natural place between those limits. With true humility, you see no one as superior to you, no matter their situation. When humility takes root inside you, you see no one as inferior either. Nothing, and no one is above our below you. Any task, any person, is worthy of honor and respect. Your place and space in life will insure that the right things find there way to you…

Today’s Exercise:

Most of us have things in life which we don’t particularly enjoy doing, but are things which we must do on a regular basis. When we skip them, do them half heartedly, or neglect them altogether, we are “Doing less than our place in life”.

Listen, it’s not the what that matters here, we all have these. It may being cleaning you toilet, doing dishes, taking care of your personal finances, changing diapers, whatever it is, if it’s part of your place in life it needs being done, you might as well find a way to enjoy it. Humility is that way, and remember, the only way out of doing it is to do it so well, to fill your space in life so completely that you naturally overgrow it, and you place changes. You’ll find that as place in life changes, things which you once did not enjoy, are now becoming someone else’s responsibility – but this generally only happens after we start finding the joy in those things.

So for today’s exercise we’re going to get specific. You won’t be taking concrete actions today, but you will be making a list, a very important list. Today, throughout the day, try to answer these two questions: (write down your answers for tomorrows practice!)

1. What things have I been doing or seeking which are beyond where I am in life?

2. What things have I been neglecting which I know I need to be taking care of?

That’s it! Have fun and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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