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Living in Groups

Today, let’s go a little deeper. As human beings we didn’t get claws, fangs, thick skin, speed, strength, or size. In a fair fight, we come in about the middle of the pack amongst our planets critters. But in regards to the actual food chain, we are way above the middle. In fact, we hold a solid second place right next to the top of the whole thing.

Pride and Humility Combine

How? If half the critters on the planet are tougher how can we be at the top of the pyramid? Well, we may not have the fangs and the claws, but we got one thing that makes it all work for us – we love, like, desire, and even need to live in groups. It’s an instinct built into us all, the scientists call this our Instinctual Gregarious Nature.

As it turns out, the desire to be liked by others is a genetic characteristic inherent in us all. Yes, elections really are ‘popularity contests’. The core takeaway here is the knowledge that the desire to live in groups and to be liked by those groups is fundamental human characteristic. It shows up in some funny ways, nonetheless, it is part of everyone.

Inner and Outer Humility

Back to Inner and Outer humility. The biggest trap we will ever face in life is caring more about what others think of us than what we think of ourselves. We call this our “Outer Image”, it is the image we hope to project for others to see and relate to. It is filled with all the ways we would like to be, rather than how we really are.

The moment you decide humility is a good thing, you will naturally begin wanting others to see you as humble. This happens automatically, our instincts insist on it. For our egos, being thought of and regarded as humble is just as good as actually being truly humble. But when it comes to humility, it isn’t even close.

The essence of Humility is always rooted in inner humility. True Humility does not care if others notice it in anyway. That’s the essence of humility. Actions of Humility performed for praise are simply vanity in disguise. It is said, “Humility, once you know you have it, you lost it.”

Inner humility is different. Its reward is entirely for you, yet its benefit is for everyone.
True humility is like a berry bush, delicate as flower at first, then hardy as weed and once well rooted. The fruits of Humility are sacred morsels of pure delight. When you partake of true inner humility, you enter a world of pure inner freedom. If gratitude is the doorway to all earthly delights, then humility is the key and the lock on that door.

Today’s Exercise:

None of it matters without action. Today, just once, at any point during the day, do something for someone that you wouldn’t normally do, and perhaps even don’t enjoy doing. If possible, do this for them without them knowing it. If possible, make no mention of it, take no credit for it unless they ask who did it.

These things can be directly beneficial to a person, or more general (ie. Taking out the garbage at a co-workers desk or in a roommates bathroom is to a person, cleaning up cigarette butts outside you building is general).

One last thing, this is your secret mission if you choose to accept it. No one needs know what you have done or are doing. So challenge yourself, these may not be so easy to enjoy as bringing in some flowers to express gratitude (I’ll share my secret mission with you -for mine I cleaned up dog poop in the parking lot at the office building before anyone else arrived – I didn’t actually enjoy that very much, yet somehow, I knew it was the right thing to do, and that felt pretty good).

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow!

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