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Humility – The Essential Tightrope

This week our focus will be on humility. Of all the essences humility is likely the trickiest to truly embrace and the most powerful once deeply held. Humility has the ability to masquerade in a way none of the others can. It is a tricky trait to truly take root inside us.

Humility: The Essential Tightrope

So let’s go slow, and take a look at what makes humility such a valuable core character trait. Humility offers us freedom. It offers us a true and lasting freedom which penetrates to our very essence of being.

Here’s how, when you truly embrace humility at the core of your being you will be freed from any wants for materialism, freed from any self doubt or self loathing, freed from any judgments of others, freed from the need to compare yourself or keep up with others, freed from your judgments about your situation and tasks, and most of all freed from any need to be superior or outdo others.

Of course, in your pursuits of personal and professional development you will be asking yourself to explore your limits, to do more, achieve more, try harder, and accomplish more then you ever thought possible of yourself. This is an easy path to go astray into the undesirable habits of vanity.

Humility keeps us safe from our ever striving egos while freeing us to fail gracefully without resentment or self contempt. Humility is our safety net as we face our inner and outer limits, protecting us from painful blows to our self worth when we push we push the limits too far and stumble a bit.

The Path to Success

On this path, the path of Personal and Professional Development, you will be accumulating successes one after another, how easy it is to slip from that place a place of vanity. Humility will keep you safe. It will be your shield protecting you from the all too common pitfalls of arrogance and conceit.

Only through a humble and modest attitude can we hope to explore our true personal limits of success. When you have it, and it is strong inside you, you will lose the fears of success or failure. But humility is a master chameleon hiding in the most unlikely of places. Here’s where it gets tricky, in the dictionary, I found that “Pride” is said to be the opposite of humility.

As you pursue your own successes whatever they may be, you will need to take pride in all that you do. From the smallest to the largest task, you will need to embrace pride and put your whole heart into all that you do, even the most menial and trivial things must be done with attitude of pride.

Do you see the conflict? If you are on the path of Personal and Professional development, you must take pride in all that you do. While at the same time you must be humble, free from vanity, free from any attitude of superiority.

Today’s Exercise:

Today’s’ practice is going to be short and simple, we’ll get more specific as the week progresses. For today all you need to do is reflect on what Humility means to you and how it relates to pride.

Try to answer these two questions as the day goes on:

1. What does being humble mean to me?
2.How does Pride relate to Humility?

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow!

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