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Honoring Others

You may or may not know my personal story, in its essence I agreed to be the scribe of an old Native American Shaman in exchange for ‘The Secret Teachings of Dreaming Outloud.”

John TwoHawks' Honor

After testing these lessons for many years in the real world ($1.2 billion dollars worth of successes) I set to my task of writing. Now, being a young master of the art, of course I wanted someplace idyllic for a place to sit and write. I found a retreat center in California’s beautiful wine country. I am not going to name it, but it is without question one of the most famous retreat centers in the world, so I’m sure you could discover the name quite easily…

In any case, the leaders in the world of Spirituality and Personal Development held workshops there regularly. I was so fortunate to meet them all, eat with many of them, study from them, and learn countless lessons. Almost universally they each espoused the importance of personal honesty.

“We must first be honest with ourselves before we can be honest with others. We must first know our true wants and wishes before we can hope to obtain them”

It is as if the single thing they all agreed on was the importance of being honest with ourselves, and honoring those truths through action and outward expression. Unfortunately, this is an easy place to take a misstep on the road to honor.

You see, knowing, facing, and embracing your personal truth, honestly and completely is only half of the puzzle, and with only half, you may do more damage then good…

The Two Elements of Honor

Honor has two vital elements: Honoring yourself & Honoring others. It is not enough to simply honor yourself at the expense or inconvenience of others, that may honestly be what you are feeling, but honesty is not always Honor (if it were, we wouldn’t have two different words). So what distinguishes Honor from Honesty?

Honoring others brings joy to us all

When the two combine, and you Honor others Honestly, the whole world unfolds around you as a warm embrace. You find smiles greeting you everywhere you go, welcoming and rejuvenating your every effort. This is the focus of today, Honoring others.

Today’s practice is easy, we will use the simplest form of Honor Others “The Honest Compliment” and then build upon it. So for today’s practice, you’ll need to give 3 Honest compliments to people you encounter…

Try it, see what it feels like to light people up with the warmth of your character. Challenge yourself by complimenting strangers, or people you wouldn’t normally think to engage, it’s actually really easy and a good bit of fun!

See you tomorrow with: Honor – day 4!

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