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Being Honestly Honorable

We’re off to a good start, but before we can really begin to truly feel Honor, we are going to take it one step further by adding, “The Honorable Filter.” You see, it’s not enough to just be step into your truth and start living; you will need to cultivate and nurture that truth to the highest level that’s right for you. To truly honor yourself and others, you will need to accept the ever growing and emerging nature of your own personal truth.

Honor and Honesty are not the same thing' Honor

Let me give you an all too common example, a stumbling block on the road to honor which I have witnessed 1000’s of times. My apologies to the male gender here, but sorry men, I’ve witnessed this exact scenario so many times its become a self help cliché: A married man is told to step into his truth and take action upon it, he sees a lovely woman and feels lust towards her. Being taught that he must express his truth, take action on his truth, behave with total honesty and let the chips fall where they may he decides to express his lustful desires and intentions towards the woman whom he just met.

Note: I am not talking about couples with open relationships – I offer no judgments about lifestyle. Instead I am talking about a man betraying his vows because he feels lust for a stranger.

Knowing, Facing, and Embracing your personal truth, honestly and completely is only half of the puzzle,
Elevating your truth with Honor is the other half…

Hundreds of times I tell you! I have seen this hundreds of times! People continually mistake Honesty with Honor!

Sure, in this scenario he was honest, but what did he accomplish? He stepped into honesty with the belief it would bring him closer to truth – - – but now, regardless of the outcome he finds himself only feeling worse. What happened?

The Bright Light of Honor

The bright light of Honor would have tempered it all. First we meet our wants and desires with honesty. Whether they be kind or cruel, saintly or vulgar, we must first know ourselves honestly. But before we take action, we temper that Honesty with Honor!

So for today’s practice, simply repeat yesterday’s practice with one small change: Share three compliments, one compliment to each of three different people. Only this time, take it a step further, challenge yourself by seeing how deeply honest you can make those compliments…

No shallow superficial compliments this time, instead, try to truly honor another person. Today’s practice is all about getting both sides of the coin at once: Honor Yourself by feeling the Truth of Honoring Someone Else. (for a simple one to get you started – - – try to truly appreciate the first cashier you interact with today )

Whatever you do : : : Don’t just say the words! – - – Find and embrace the feeling of honoring another human being and see for yourself what happens!

Have fun with it! See you tomorrow with our last day on Honor!

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