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Staying Fit with everyday life

My kung fu teacher used to remind us, “Kung Fu is everywhere all the time, every moment of everyday is a chance to become more fit, stronger, more vital.” he even went so far as to spend time with each of us creating special training we could do at our individual jobs… There was a cashier in the group who had the best posture of us all, a rock solid super abs all from doing a few small exercises while at work ringing up peoples groceries!

I got this submission yesterday, and I think this young man would have made the Masters proud! Seriously, when you talk about turning everyday life into lifelong training and physical improvement, it really doesn’t get much better than this..

Some of you may not understand what exactly is going on here, rock climbers train their hands and bodies using these synthetic handholds fastened to walls… These ‘fake rocks’ are designed to build hand and arm strength by giving the climber an assortment of the types of grips they may find on a natural rock face. Normally, climbers place them on vertical walls and practice that way, but our hero in today’s video has decided to take things one step further and turn his home into a 3-dimensional playground of climbing perfection! I just want to see how he brushes his teeth!

Note to anyone thinking about doing this: Make sure you hit the studs when you place the grips…

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