Hex Empire

Normally I avoid any sort of War games here, but this little strategy game from MiniJuegos so perfectly illustrates the three basic strategies of all endeavors I just couldn’t resist it!

In any effort, no matter what it may be, there are always just three fundamental strategies: Expand, Contract, and Fortify. Pretty self explanatory, but let’s take a look at them anyways…

Expand: the First, and usually the most popular of the strategies is called Expand, and it consists of doing just that, Expanding! Let’s look at this from the career perspective, and say for example you want a raise and promotion. So you deploy the expansion strategy on two fronts: 1st – You do some studies at night and expand your skills set. 2nd – You volunteer for stuff at work not normally a part of your job, “Expand your sphere of contact and influence”… Before long your new skills get noticed, and along comes that promotion and raise… Who did you think would get the promotion, the person who never goes the extra mile, or the one well known for always giving and do a little extra?

Contraction: perhaps the most valuable and most easily overlooked strategy of the three (also called: Consolidation)… It means to pull back, or inward. Let go of things which do not serve you’re greater purpose and gather your resources around those things which best serve you. Same example as above (getting a promotion) – You expanded your knowledge and influence set, but now you’re overextended and getting burned out… Time to pull back and cut out things which no longer serve you, there’s only so many hours in the day after all, so you need to be prepared to play to your strengths…

Fortification: Normally everyone’s second favorite of the three… not so drastic as consolidation, to fortify means to stabilize and strengthen your position… Let’s use the sample example one more time. You expanded you skills set, expanded your connections, and let go of a few things you don’t like doing, now it’s time to fortify your new position and turn that ‘newbie’ skill into something you’re really good at! In just a short time you can become pretty expert at something new just by using these three basic strategies over and over! And who do you think will get that next promotion when it comes around?

In this little gem Hex Empire, you’ll get to work on all three of these until you know what’s what and when’s the right time to use each one!

Have Fun!!!

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