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A Glorious Blast From the Past

Today I thought I’d share little nostalgia for you, and who better to be nostalgic with than the Guru himself?

Back before everyone everywhere called themselves a Guru, the word carried a lot of weight. Back before being a gangster on the airwaves was cool, there was an era of some pretty serious characters who used music to rise from the streets.

Put the two together and you’ve got “Gang Starr” lead by seminal figure Keith E, aka. “The Guru”. Keith E brought a very profound look at life to his music and shared his words of wisdom for an entire generation of R&B / Hip Hop lovers, because The Guru wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is…

Hugely respected by modern artists, The Guru laid down lyrics with a panache rarely seen anywhere else, all because his central message carried something a little different. Raised in a legitimately rough scenario, The Guru decided that an unwavering dedication to Positivity was the path to success. Millions of albums later, millions of hearts touched and millions of fans, he remains one of the most respected vocalists / songwriters of our era…