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I loved the original Gravitee… Without question on of the best online golf games I’ve ever had the chance to play. Well the brainiacs over at Funkypear games have done it again this time with another course and some clever little modifications to the original Gravitee.

This game is great for many reasons, not the least of which is that gives me a healthy chance to talk about the interrelatedness of life, action, and the influence of others in your pursuit of personal success and accomplishment.

You see, the path between your life as it is, and your life ripe with your ideal situations and circumstances is a relatively straight line. It’s pretty simple when you get right down to it, all you need to do to create your ideal situations and circumstances is stack tiny little success and accomplishments one after another on top of each until you reach your destination. Simple, right?

What this game reminds us of is that you, and your living dream must exist in a world surrounded by other people, their dreams, their lives, their situations and circumstances. As you navigate towards your goal, it really is a straight line, a staight line that curves and turns and twists with the influence of each and every person involved in your life. As you play this delightful little game, imagine the planets, and their Gravity as the people in your life who influence and determine the outcome of the events you aspire to create!

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