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Gratitude in Tough Times

Being Grateful in trying times can be rough

Have you begun to see the echoes of gratitude coming back to you yet? If you’ve been doing the practices all week I’m pretty sure you can sense a change in the people around you.

Remember, although this is day 5, the final day of the exercises in gratitude, it isn’t the final day of the practice. What we are after is a Permanent Attitude of Gratitude, and that will take more than just saying “Thank You” to the people around you.

To have a permanent attitude of gratitude you will need to go to the deepest levels, the levels where the gratitude is so strong and earnest that it can feel grateful in any situation life may bring your way. When the Attitude of gratitude truly becomes your own, everything in your life will change.

Difficult situations just don’t seem difficult anymore. Challenges and obstacles loss their edge when they are met with gratitude.

Listen, any Personal Development program is going to tell you to face the challenges in life with courage and persistence. That’s just par for the course, when you adopt a permanent Attitude of Gratitude it becomes hard to even tell the difference between a good day and bad day, because very day just seems so wonderful.

Grateful “To and For”:

Gratitude bounces from person to person growing with each bounce, you’ve already seen that this week. You’ve already had the chance to know what it feels like too light up someone else’s day. But can you continue to do that when things get difficult? Can you continue to be the beacon of light for all the people around you when your car breaks down on the way to work, in the rain?

With a deep seated attitude of gratitude, you will be able to face any of life’s challenges with a joyous heart, and a smiling face. But how do you feel grateful when you’re car breaks down? And to whom do you direct that gratitude?

If you are ready to take gratitude to its highest level, all you need to do is remove the “to” and the “for”… Feeling grateful “to” someone is easy. Feeling grateful “for” something is also easy. But when you can remove the “to’s” and the “for’s” and simply feel grateful, then you’ve got it for real!

“I am grateful to…” becomes “I am grateful.”

“I am grateful for…” becomes “I am grateful.”

Pure Gratitude

Instead of targeting your gratitude outside of yourself, turn inwards and feel Pure Gratitude. From that place it will flow from you without any effort.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and see if you can feel gratitude in its purest form, its un-targeted, unattached essence. It may help to first feel gratitude for all the aspects of your life, for the universe (or your God), for the people you love and hold most dear, and then shift your focus towards feeling gratitude for the trials and tribulations in your life. As you try to feel gratitude for the difficulties, look backward and find those hard situations which ended in positive outcomes for you, attach the feeling of gratitude to those difficulties, then…

Remove the for… Slowly, stop thinking of any situation, good or bad, simply experience what gratitude feels like to you. Imagine yourself becoming pure gratitude. Imagine yourself as a beacon of grateful light, shining gratitude on each and everything you encounter…

Then take action! Make it tangible! Make it earnest! Tangible and still un-targeted… Material and still unattached…

Over the entire weekend. Can you do it? Are you willing to try? For the rest of your life? Try to experience what it feels like to be pure gratitude without any agenda, experience pure gratitude without any attachment whatsoever…

3 times each day for the whole weekend. Use your meals for a chance to practice if you like, try to become pure gratitude for at least 30 seconds before each meal…

And hey! Thanks again for sharing these days with me!

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